Dog Breed: Yorkshire Terrier


Yorkshire Terrier – Breed Information

Breed Information:The compact body of the Yorkshire Terrier is covered by a long, silky coat of tan and blue, tan and black for puppies. This coat should part down the middle and skim the surface of the floor. The small head is not round, being rather flat on top, the muzzle is not too long, the nose is black, and the ears are small and erect. 

  • Size: Dogs and bitches “ Height: 6-7 inches/Weight: 7-9 pounds 
  • Breed Specific Health Issues: Yorkies, as they are known, are prone to early tooth decay and some have trouble with anaesthetic. Many of this small breed suffer broken bones because they’ve jumped from a height that is too great. 
  • Life Expectancy:Life average life expectancy for the Yorkshire Terrier is 12-15 years.

Yorkshire Terrier – Breed Behavior


The Yorkshire Terrier is a very large dog trapped in the body of a very small dog. Yorkies have no idea that they are so small, nor do they care; they are very adventurous and easily excitable. This breed loves its family, but can be wary of strangers if not socialized well enough from an early age. Yorkshire Terriers should also be socialized with other dogs and other family pets to avoid any aggression. Although Yorkies can be stubborn, they are usually easy to train, and are great watchdogs – alerting their family whenever someone comes near the door with a bark (or ten!).

Activity Level:

Although Yorkies do not need a lot of exercise, they thoroughly enjoy playing and love to go for walks. They suit apartment life well as they do not need a backyard/garden and are active indoors.

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