Dog Breed: West Highland White Terrier


West Highland White Terrier – Breed Information

The West Highland Terrier is most recognized for its completely white coat which should be hard and roughly 2 inches long “ the undercoat should also be white. The eyes should be dark brown and the nose should be large and black. The small, erect ears are pointed and the tail is un-docked, thicker at the base, and carried gaily, but not curled over the back. 

  • Size: Dogs “ Height: 10-12 inches/Weight: 17-23 pounds Bitches “ Height: 9-11 inches/Weight: 13-20 pounds 
  • Breed Specific Health Issues: A very healthy breed overall, though some suffer from liver disease, calcification of the jawbone, and skin disease. 
  • Life Expectancy: The West Highland White Terrier is known for living for 15 years or more. 
  • Grooming Requirements: This breed has a very easy coat to care for, needing only an occasional going over with a stiff brush. The hair around the eyes, mouth and ears can be trimmed with scissors and the whole coat should be stripped about twice a year.

West Highland White Terrier – Breed Behavior


The West Highland White Terrier is a very friendly breed that is also easy to train. They should be socialized towards dogs and other family pets from an early age, though they usually get along with other dogs fairly well. Children must be taught respect for these dogs because they can be snappy with children.

Activity Level:

Westies active indoors, and enjoys going for walks and playing in the park. Apartment living would suit this breed, as would living in the middle of nowhere with lots of exciting sights and smells. They do not require a backyard/garden.

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