Dog Breed: Spinone Italiano


Spinone Italiano – Breed Information

Breed Information:
The Spinone Italiano is rugged with a square body  the topline angles slightly upward from the withers towards the rump. They have a long head, elongated triangular ears, and intelligent eyes that are light brown with lighter colored dogs, and darker brown with darker coated dogs. The legs are long, straight and parallel. The Spinones coat is dense and stiff with the hair at the back of the legs forming a brush, while the face is covered with stiff eyebrows, moustache, and beard. The accepted colors of the coat are white, white with brown markings, white and orange, orange roan, which may or may not have orange markings, and brown roan. The most desired shade of brown is chestnut. 

  • Size: Dogs and bitches Height: 22 A½ – 27 A½ inches/Weight: 65-85 pounds 
  • Breed Specific Health Issues: Generally healthy, Hip Dysplasia has been found in them, like most other dogs of their size. 
  • Life Expectancy: The Spinone Italiano is a relatively long-lived dog with most living past 12 years. Grooming Requirements:
    The Spinone needs to its coat stripped about every two months pulling out the old hair to make room for the new. Between strippings, weekly brushing will suffice.

Spinone Italiano – Breed Behavior


The Spinone Italiano is very intelligent, loyal, playful, and enthusiastic. He is easily trained as long as the training does not get too repetitive and bore him. The training should start at an early age to keep this rather large dog from doing any inadvertent damage. This breed should also be well socialized with other dogs and many people as some tend to be shy. These dogs definitely are not for protection because they are too friendly. They would much rather play with their family than bark at strangers.

Activity Level:

The Spinone Italiano is not very active while indoors, but gets very excited outdoors. A medium backyard/garden is recommended with a high fence as these dogs can jump very high when they want to. Apartments would be fine for this breed, assuming they get enough exercise outside.

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