Dog Breed: Poodle


Poodle – Breed Information

Breed Information: Although there are three official sizes of Poodle, the breed standards are the same for all three. These dogs have a long head and muzzle with a liver-colored nose acceptable for brown dogs, while black is needed for all other colors. The eyes should be dark, either amber or brown. The poodle should be as long as it is tall at the withers with straight, parallel front legs. The tail is normally docked to its original length, though if being shown internationally, kennel club standards must be checked prior to docking.There are three accepted types of cut for the poodle, the ‘Continental Clip which is the most well-known cut for a poodle the rear half of the dog is shaved, rings of fur are left around the ankles, and puffs of fur are left on the hips and end of the tail; the pet/ puppy clip short hair over the entire body; and the English Saddle clip though similar to the Continental, this clip does not shave the rear of the dog, and leaves two bands of fur on the rear legs. It is rarely seen in Standard Poodles at shows.

  • Size: There are three sizes of poodle, Toy, Miniature, and Standard.Toy: Dogs and bitches Height: up to 10 inches/Weight: 6-9 poundsMiniature: Dogs and bitches Height: 11-15 inches/Weight: 15-17 poundsStandard:Dogs Height: over 15 inches/Weight: 50-70 pounds Bitches Height: over 15 inches/Weight: 45-60 pounds
  • Breed Specific Health Issues: Hip Dysplasia is common in poodles, as are eye problems, including glaucoma and Progressive Retinal Atrophy which can cause blindness. Poodles are also known for skin problems, though these are most often because of the excessive grooming required for show dogs.
  • Life Expectancy: Poodles are a long-lived breed, usually living for 12-15 years or longer in many cases.
  • Grooming Requirements: Poodles to be used for shows need extensive grooming: clipping every 4-6 weeks, regular bathing, cleaning of the ears. Lighter-coloured dogs must have their eyes cleaned regularly, and around their mouths after every meal to avoid staining of the fur. Many pet owners are much happier with the puppy clip which is one short length over the entire body. Much less grooming is needed for this clip. Poodles are very well-known as shedding little or no hair and producing very little dander which makes them the perfect pet for those with allergies.

Poodle – Breed Behavior


Poodles are very intelligent dogs and are one of the easiest breeds to train. Standard poodles are generally calmer than their smaller relatives, but all love people and hate to be left out of family activities. Smaller poodles, the Miniature and the Toy, can be shy and nervous, so early socialization is very important. Poodles are known for barking a lot, so early training is needed to curb this undesired behaviour. Smaller poodles can be snappy with children who are not careful enough, so they should be supervised at all times.

Activity Level:

The Miniature and Toy variety of poodle do not need much exercise and are happy with apartment living. They do enjoy going for walks, and love playing off-leash so a backyard/garden would be great for them, but not necessary. The Standard poodle is still suited for apartment life, though it does need more exercise than its smaller cousins. A small backyard/garden is ideal for this dog.

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