Dog Breed: Maltese


Maltese – Breed Information

Breed Information: The Maltese is a small dog with long, silky white fur. The coat should be straight with no wave or curl, and it should skim the ground when the dog walks; the coat should fall over the body on either side of a center part down the dogs back. The tail is carried over the back and is covered by long hair, making the tail look like a small bump on the dogs rear. The Maltese also has pendant ears which are covered by the same long, white fur. The head of the Maltese should be made up of 1/3 muzzle which slightly tapers into a black nose with large nostrils. This breed should have very dark eyes with black rims around the eyes.

  • Size: Dogs Height: 8-10 inches/Weight: 6-9 poundsBitches Height: 8-10 inches/Weight: 6-9 pounds
  • Breed Specific Health Issues: Maltese dogs must be kept dry and not allowed to get damp against their skin to avoid problems such as respiratory infections and skin problems. You must also be careful when taking your Maltese out on sunny days as they can get sunburned along the part on their back. This breed can also suffer from eye and tooth problems.
  • Life Expectancy: The Maltese life expectancy is around 12-15 years.
  • Grooming Requirements: Due to the long, silky coat of this breed, daily grooming is absolutely necessary. Bathing regularly is recommended to keep the coat from getting stained, as is cleaning around the eyes daily and around the mouth after every meal for the same reason. After bathing, be sure the dog is completely dry to avoid complications.Many pet owners choose to clip the hair of their Maltese short to make grooming easier. In this case, only occasional brushing is needed, although cleaning around the eyes and mouth frequently is still required as are frequent trips to the dog groomer for a haircut.

Maltese – Breed Behavior


The Maltese is very intelligent, loving, sweet, and playful, and they are very attached to their owners. This breed can snap at small children and those who are too rough with it, so early training and socialization are very important. It is also very important not to be over-protective of these dogs and pick them up every time they wish as they can become neurotic.

Activity Level:

Although the Maltese is playful, their activity level is quite low and they do well with a walk morning and evening. As they are very active in the house, this breed does not need a backyard/garden and would suit apartment life well.

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