Dog Breed: Great Dane


Great Dane – Breed Information

Breed Information:The largest of the dog breeds, the Great Dane has a long, slim head atop a long, muscular neck. The front legs of the Great Dane are straight, and he has round, compact feet for the size of his body. This breed has a short, close-fitting coat that comes in a variety of colors. These colors include brindle, fawn, blue, black, harlequin, and mantle and the nose of these dogs should be black, except in blue Danes where the nose can be dark blue-black, and in the harlequin where a black-spotted nose is acceptable.Although ears are often cropped in the USA, care should be taken if showing dogs internationally as cropped ears are an automatic disqualification under some circumstances in some countries.

  • Size:Dogs Height: 32-34 inches/Weight: 130-200 pounds Bitches Height: 30-32 inches/Weight 110-150 pounds. These are average weights for this breed as it can vary a lot between individual dogs.
  • Breed Specific Health Issues: Hip Dysplasia is the most common health problem with this breed, so be sure to purchase your puppy from a breeder whose stock have good test scores. Other problems that occur are heart disease, and Great Danes are prone to bloat. As this breed takes a long time to mature, avoid any serious exercise until over one year old.
  • Life Expectancy:The Great Dane is not a long-lived breed, averaging around 10 years, though some do live longer.
  • Grooming Requirements:Because of their short coat, little grooming is required. Weekly grooming with a stiff brush is recommended. Some Danes love the water so baths can be fun, but many do not which makes it very difficult – weekly brushing helps eliminate the need for bathing.

Great Dane – Breed Behavior


The Great Dane is known as the Gentle Giant for a reason. They are very calm and caring and love to be with their family. Because of their large size training from an early age is very important, mostly to teach them manners such as not jumping or leaning against people. Socialization is also important at a young age as some Great Danes can be slightly dog-aggressive and if they are socialized, this will not be the case.

Activity Level:

Great Danes like nothing more than to lie on a sofa next to their owner, but they do need a good amount of daily exercise. Apartment living would be fine for this breed, as long as they get enough exercise. A large backyard/garden is recommended. As was previously mentioned, puppies should not be exercised too much as a young age because of the strain put on their growing bones.

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