Dog Breed: German Shepherd


German Shepherd – Breed Information

Breed Information: The German Shepherd should have a head that is in proportion to its body, which is muscular and elongated. The German Shepherd has a medium-length double coat with a very dense outer layer. These dogs must have a black nose or will be disqualified from showing, and although puppy’s ears will flop over, adults ears must be erect and point forward.While most coat colors are permissible in the show ring, sharp colors are most desired and blue and liver colors are serious faults in the ring white German Shepherds would be disqualified as they are not a recognized color of most kennel clubs.

Size:Dogs Height: 24-26 inches/Weight: 78-85 poundsBitches Height: 22-24 inches/Weight: 78-85 pounds

Breed Specific Health Issues: Hip and Elbow Dysplasia is very common in German Shepherds, so be sure both parents have been tested before purchasing a puppy. Epilepsy, blood disorders, and eczema are also often found in this breed.

Life Expectancy:The German Shepherd has an average life expectancy of 12-15 years.Grooming Requirements:As German Shepherds shed hair year-round, it is important to brush them at least every other day to remove excess and keep the hair around the house to a minimum. German Shepherds will also shed heavily twice a year, during which time they should be groomed daily to help them lose their coat. German Shepherds should not be bathed often as this removes important oils from their skin.

German Shepherd – Breed Behavior


German Shepherds are very loyal and full of courage. Because they are so intelligent they are often used as Police dogs this breed loves to work. This breed is excellent at guarding its family, so early socialization must be done to prevent over-guarding when the dog gets older. Training is also important and helps this breed as they are very intelligent and love to please their owner. For German Shepherds to be truly happy they should have a job to do, such as practicing daily for agility trials, or working as a guide dog for the blind. German Shepherds love their family and should not be left alone for too long or else they can suffer from separation anxiety.

Activity Level:

German Shepherds are packed full of energy and love to use their energy for a reason. They are so intelligent they like to have a purpose. If you have the time, activities such as Flyball or obedience trials, or agility trials are perfect for this breed. These dogs could be suited for apartment life, assuming they get enough exercise. They should have at least a medium-sized backyard/garden as well as plenty of exercise on walks or in the local park.

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