Dog Breed: Border Collie


Playing With Your Dog

No matter what breed of dog you have, your pup is going to want to have some love, affection, and play from its owner. Of course, you need to take your dog out for its daily walks to get it exercise. But it’s also fun to play a game of fetch just to blow off some steam. Hey, playing with your dog is free too, and given that we may be going into one of the worst recessions in years, anything that is free is especially nice right now!

Besides playing fetch, you can teach your dog tricks. Generally, the easier tricks are the ’sit,’ ’shake,’  and ’speak,’ followed by ‘rollover’ which may be a little more difficult to teach your dog. After you teach your dog these tricks, it gets a bit tougher to tackle the higher end tricks.

There are other fun ways to play with your dog. Posing your dog in funny pictures is always fun. There are some really cute pet costumes you can get for your dog. Lots of people like to dress up their dogs in their favorite football team’s jersey and have their dog root for their team on Sundays. There are also lots of cute costumes out there online, such as an Indiana Jones costume. Hey, who knows, maybe your dog will be fighting Nazis and discovering ancient artifacts!

Border Collie – Breed Information

Breed Information: The body of the Border Collie is slightly longer than it is tall, and has a long tail that should never be carried over the dogs back. There are two coat varieties that are permissible for the Border Collie. One type, the coarse type, has longer, straight hair of about 3 inches long, while the sleek type of coat is about 1 inch long. While white should never be the main color of the coat, it is very often seen paired with black, red, and a combination of the three, or tri-colored. Border Collies can also be black and grey, or solid black. The nose should be black, and all colors, except Merles, must have dark eyes. Merles can have one or both blue eyes.

  • Size:Dogs Height: 19-22 inches/Weight: 30-45 pounds Bitches Height: 18-21 inches/Weight: 27-42 pounds 
  • Breed Specific Health Issues: Although generally a resilient dog, some in the breed may experience Hip Dysplasia, and a Collie-specific eye disease called Collie Eye Anomaly. Many Border Collies are also allergic to fleas and great care should be taken to keep these dogs flea-free.
  • Life Expectancy: 12-15 years is the average life expectancy for the Border Collie.
  • Grooming Requirements: Border Collies need regular, at least weekly, brushing or combing to keep its coat from getting tangled or matted. This breed does not require regular bathing, though it should be checked often for fleas and ticks, especially if it is a working dog.

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