Dog Breed: Airedale Terrier


Breed information: Airedale terriers are the largest breed in the terrier family. They have a bristly, wiry top coat that is tan with black or dark grey markings and a soft undercoat. The legs, belly, sides, head and ears should all be tan, though a small white patch on the chest is allowed, as are dark markings on either side of the head. Airedales have a back where the shoulders are even with the hips, called a level topline, their tails are usually docked, though with new standards being introduced in the UK and Europe, undocked tails are acceptable so long as they do not curl over the back. The front legs must be straight and whole body should appear square.

  • Size: Dogs Height: 22-24 inches/Weight: 50-65 pounds.

Bitches Height: 22-23 inches/Weight: 40-45 pounds

  • Breed Specific Health Issues: Overall a healthy breed of dog, though hip dysplasia is occasionally a problem. Eye diseases are also seen in the breed as well as dry skin being an issue.Life Expectancy:10-12 years is the average life expectancy for the Airedale Terrier.Grooming Requirements:As Airedales have a short, wiry topcoat and a soft undercoat, they need to be groomed often. Regular brushing, weekly if not daily, is needed to keep shedding to a minimum. Stripping of the coat is also recommended for the Airedale to keep their skin in top condition.

Airedale Terrier – Breed Behavior

Airedales can be very strong-willed so training and socializing with both humans and other dogs should start at a very early age. Airedales will also get along with cats and other small animals if introduced and socialized very early. These dogs are very loyal and love their owners, and do well with strangers if socialized well enough. Airedales are easily distracted by exciting things in their environment, meaning that they may not listen to your call if the neighbours cat goes racing by!

Varied training is recommended for Airedales as they quickly tire of repetitive tasks, and they also do well with a person who has had dogs in the past and knows how to be the dominant one in the pack. Airedales are known to try and assert their dominance over anyone they see as submissive, so all members of the family must know how to treat the dog.

Activity Level:
As Airedale Terriers were bred to work, they require a fair amount of exercise to keep them happy. As Airedales are so intelligent, they can be trained to do Agility courses or Obedience Trials which will use a lot of their energy, although simply taking them for long walks and playing fetch can achieve the same results. Like most dogs the Airedales activity level will go down after the first two years or so, though not by a vast amount.

As Airedales are so active, it is not recommended that they live in apartments unless it is a very large apartment with a lot of room. Airedales also require outdoor space, so a medium to large-sized back yard/garden is ideal.

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