A Pet Dog for a Healthier You

Looking for a new way to make yourself exercise no matter how resistant you may seem to occasionally be and also get the benefits of a wonderful companion? How about getting the healthy side effects of loving touch as an added bonus? Dogs provide a lot more than just fun companionship. They are a truly healthy way to enhance your life in many other ways also. Let’s take a look at some of the ways a dog can really enhance your health and fitness!

Love is something that is hard to explain scientifically, but loving touch actually produces chemicals that relieve stress and as a result make a person much happier. When your pet licks or nuzzles you lovingly it produces a very positive reaction. Specifically, in scientific terms, a chemical called “oxytocin” is produced and sent into your body to sooth and relax. This chemical causes a significant reduction in stress levels which is rather obviously great for your health as it relieves tension which is the only real issue. Anyone who is kind to their pets and has a good relationship with them will almost definitely benefit from their affectionate touch.

Taking care of pets is an exercise in loving kindness when done appropriately. Your pets are as children, or at least should be. To take care of a pet is in and of itself a healthy activity as it provides an inward feeling of elated satisfaction. Seeing an adorable puppy jumping for joy, one can’t help but feel happier and more energetic. Imperviously happy children make for happy parents even when the parents are tired from their day or similar. This can also act as a motivational aspect for getting some exercise.

Exercising with your pet can be a wonderful way to get out in the world and get some fitness into your daily schedule. Running or walking along side your pet is a wonderful way to spark an enjoyable purpose for your otherwise potentially mundane jog or walk. The fact that your pet likely requires that you go outside for a walk, in order to answer its proverbial call of nature, is an amazing motivator for getting the exercise you should already be getting.

Another way to exercise with your pet is play. Playing ball or Frisbee or some other similar game with your four legged friend can really be a lot of fun for both of you! You likely will be chasing the ball around for quite a while depending on the breed of puppy and how new the game is.

Yet another healthy perk that dogs love is the great outdoors and you really benefit from the fresh air and other natural wonders involved in enjoying it with your puppy. A trip to the park is a whole new adventure and a walk along the lake is a new treat for your pet.

One day you will possibly look back and wonder how you ever stayed as fit before your puppy came along. So if you don’t have one yet, and have a big enough house and yard for a playful puppy to enjoy, then consider adopting one from a local public facility for stray dogs. You will likely be very happy you did!